The emotion of cocktails

How to achieve the perfect alchemy of the ingredients to create a new drinkable and appreciated cocktail

How to achieve the perfect alchemy of the ingredients to create a new drinkable and appreciated cocktail

I’m asked to explain what a cocktail is. I could cite books and say every kind of thing…

I will shortly tell a few moments of my experience with this word: Cocktail. Technically it is a mixture of different components of both alcoholic and not alcoholic liquids that, blended together, give rise to a new mixture. For a barman the creation of a new cocktail is the equivalent for a chef to create a new dish: creativity, imagination and originality allow you to always create new combinations and new drinks that will tell stories of cities, hotels, places, people and moments.

Considering these observations, we can say that a Cocktail is also an Emotion… In the same way of a perfume, of a song. A madeleine of Proustian memory!

You drink to celebrate, to remember, to forget… for a thousand of other occasions… and for every moment there will always be the perfect drink.
Flipping through any recipe book you will find many of those stories, trivia, anecdotes and information about a simple cocktail. Think about the Negroni, our very Italian pride, there is even a book that talks about it. Personally, at the Pellicano, where since twelve seasons I’m enjoying creating amazing drinks with the guys of my team, I try every time as mentioned above. Our signature drinks remember and celebrate parties and important gala we have lived with great participation, others celebrate and remember some of our faithful and passionate Guests… A luxury for few people, to be able to say that at the Pellicano there is a cocktail that bear their name!

For me it’s fun to be able to give a real Emotion, dedicating a drink to one of my dear Clients.

They will always remember their barman and their stay and will bring the memory with them once they left the Pellicano.

They say that cocktails make your head spin; here allow me to have a quote of mine, they made me travel the world: three times in New York, then Milan, Rome, Florence. On all these occasions I was the ambassador of my creations, what more could I say? Being able to serve Emotions in a glass, with the pleasure of saying that they were created by me and therefore really offering a special, unique service. Like all things, you should not improvise but must have a culture about liqueurs and spirits and a minimum of experience in the field. Try, taste, try again, make mistakes and then sometimes inspiration comes… and those few ingredients will find the perfect alchemy to be a new thing, drinkable and appreciated.

For a beginner I recommend a few but always valid rules learnt from our great classics: Martini, Daiquiri, Negroni, etc. Few ingredients, simple decorations but high quality in the preparation and in the choice of the products; give freedom to your imagination and your taste… you’ll drink beautiful cocktails!

Some of my cocktails have become original postcards that give great pleasure to our guests, some of which have become real fans of mine. And they take at home with them a piece of my bar. The cocktail then becomes a magical memory. An Emotion!




Federico Morosi, former student at Baita dei Congressi, bar manager at Hotel Il Pellicano, Porto Ercole (GR)


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