The passion for the world of luxury hotels and restaurants

First typewriters, then personal computers and now smartphones… “tools” of everyday and working life that have changed and continue to change our habits and behaviors.

For better or for worse, it depends on your point of view. We, who are into it, always look at the glass half full and, for this reason, we use the technology at our favor.
Since the mobile revolution has allowed the spread of smartphones, the mobile market in Italy is constantly growing. Today, there are more than 35 million Italians who surf the internet with their smartphones and who use different apps (another evolution of technology) for various needs.

Today, in the world of work, an application allows us to streamline many processes, to optimize the timing and simplify procedures… even offline!
This concept fits perfectly in the mind-set of a manager / department manager / chief of service who must bring home the results: in the Ho.Re.Ca. world, “maximum profit through maximum customer satisfaction”!
One of the most important aspects in this magnificent sector is the world of human resources, through which the two results mentioned above are reached: profit and customer satisfaction. A real fact is that people with a passion for this work are always less and less, but this is another topic!

How is it possible to connect Ho.Re.Ca world, technology and human resources?

In Italy, many hotels, restaurants, bars and catering resort to occasional work (the extra, so to speak), a type of contract required by Italian law, not to weigh down the staff cost structure and to cope with extraordinary events during the operability.

The figures say that in 2016, in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector 724K casual workers were registered, 287K employers used this form of contract for a total of 1.638 ML working relationships with an occasional contract… and here are not counted the undeclared work relationships!
Whoever reads this article will certainly have worked as an extra in their life or will have recruited extra personnel.
With years of operational experience in the world of catering and hotel industry, we know what it means to tackle the frustrations of looking for extra staff and expensive management of old-style temp agencies.

We turned this frustration into a simple and innovative idea, the Bitjob App, the Smart Network.

It is an app specialized in the search for extra staff in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.
Through the app, we put companies in direct contact with casual workers looking for extra jobs. The goal for the companies is to eliminate the frustration of looking for extra staff in times of need and to decrease or cease agreements with expensive old-style temp agencies.
Using technology, we connect extra personnel, referenced by previous employers in the same sector, with Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Catering, offering at the same time effectiveness and immediacy.
The Bitjob S.r.l. company is an innovative start-up represented by a single Managing Partner who works with two skilled software programmers and an expert in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector; a Team, focused on the objective of facilitating those who offer and those who seek occasional work, using a web-app, the first and only in the sector.
Our technology, our love for the correct treatment of people and the passion of the Ho.Re.Ca. world, as well as years of experience in this sector, are helping us to open the way to the future of work, whether it’ll be to save hours of management in the work week to employers / managers / service chiefs, or to allow a student to earn while learning; we know that the social condition is moving towards the intelligent use of technology and we are proud to lead the change.



Maurizio Figuccio undertakes the university path by enrolling at the Faculty of Economics Tourism at the CST of Assisi (Pg) and works in restaurants and hotels at the same time to pay his studies. After the bachelor’s degree, he decided to build his career starting to travel to deepen his knowledge on this sector, with the aim of one day achieving the total management of a luxury hotel as General Manager. From Ireland, to United States, to Scotland, Maurizio decides to embark on his dream of working on the F&B sector, considering it the most reactive and creative department of a hotel. After a few years spent observing and learning the various cultures in the world, he decided to return to Italy to refine his knowledge through the Italian style of hospitality, perhaps the best one!
While going back to school for his master’s degrees, he works at important luxury hotel establishments such as the Grand Hotel in Florence, Villa Mangiacane in the Chianti hills, La Posta Vecchia on the Lazio coast (Rm), the Resorts Catena Rocco Forte and the Gritti Palace Hotel in Venice, where he learns the operation and the all-round management of the F&B department, as well as the real importance of the management of human resources.

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